Mounting WXT530 series transmitter on tripod mast - BWS500

BWS500 Setup Guide

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Mount WXT530 series transmitter on top of the tripod mast.
Keep the upper part of the protective cushion on during the installation.
  1. Place the mounting kit on top of the telescopic tripod mast. Lead the sensor cable through the mast and connect the cable to the sensor.
  2. Insert the mounting kit to the sensor and turn it firmly until you feel the adapter snap into the locked position.
  3. Attach the telescopic mast to the tripod. Tighten the screws with fingers.
  4. Align the sensor so that the arrow points to North.
  5. Tighten the fixing screw to keep the sensor firmly in place. Remove the protective cushion.
  6. Open the lock and adjust the height of the telescopic mast.