Recharging Indigo80 battery - INDIGO80

Indigo80 Quick Guide

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Note the charging temperature of the battery, 0 … +45 °C (+32 …+113 °F).

The battery level indicator displays an estimate of the capacity remaining in the Indigo80 battery. Battery level percentage and a corresponding battery symbol (green – yellow – red) are shown in the lower right corner of the Indigo80 display.

To recharge the battery:

  1. Connect the USB-C connector of an AC adapter to Indigo80.

    The USB-C port is located on the bottom of Indigo80.

  2. Plug in the AC adapter to a wall socket.

    A yellow lightning symbol in the lower right corner of the display indicates that the battery is charging. When the display is off, charging status is indicated by a green LED in the keypad. Typical recharge duration from empty to full battery with a 45 W adapter is approximately 2 h.