Restoring factory default settings - INDIGO80

Indigo80 User Guide

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You can restore all Indigo80 settings back to factory defaults. Restoring the settings will not affect the settings of devices connected to Indigo80.

CAUTION A factory reset deletes all current settings of the device. After the factory reset, you need to reconfigure the settings.
  1. In the Indigo80 main menu, select Indigo80 > Factory default settings.
  2. If you wish to remove all data files stored in Indigo80 in addition to resetting the device, highlight the Also delete data files check box and press the  button to select the option. To deselect the option, press  again.
  3. Select Restore > OK. The device restarts.
  4. At device restart, you are prompted to complete the Indigo80 setup sequence:
    1. Select language
    2. Set date, time, and preferred units either with Insight PC software (requires connecting Indigo80 to a computer with USB cable) or manually.