Viewing and managing data files in Data logging menu - INDIGO80

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You can view the logged measurement data in numerical and graphical format, and rename and delete data files.
  1. In the Data logging menu, select Browse data files > [data folder name] > [data file name].
  2. Select Graphs to view a graph of the measurements for each parameter. Use the  button and the arrow buttons to zoom in the graph and move left and right on the timeline. Press to exit the graph view.
  3. Select Summary to view the minimum, maximum, and mean values for each logged parameter in the data file. Press to exit the view.
  4. Select Data file info to view other details about the data logging session: for example, duration, interval, connected probes and their serial number and firmware version.
  5. To rename or delete data folders, press  while in the Browse data files view. This opens a shortcut menu with options to open or delete the folder or to delete all data folders.
To export data files from Indigo80, connect the device to a computer with Insight PC software installed. For more information, see Indigo80 data files in Insight PC software.