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Figure 1. Shortcut menu for editing measurement views. You can add, edit, and delete the measurement views in Indigo80. Press  while in the measurement view to open the shortcut menu for editing the views.
Two types of templates are available for new views (for examples of different types of measurement views, see Figure 1):
  • Default: allows you to add a maximum of 11 new vertically-stacked views. The total number of views in the stack is 12. Each view fits a maximum of four measurement parameters.
  • Comparison: allows you to add a maximum of 10 new vertically-stacked views. The comparison template is available only when two probes are connected to Indigo80.
Edit view: you can add new parameters into an existing view (space allowing), or delete parameters from a view.
Delete view deletes the active measurement view or comparison view, as well as the related graph views.
Restore default views deletes all created custom views and restores the default views, which vary depending on the type and number of probes connected to Indigo80.

The number of new views that can be added is higher for probes with just one output parameter, for example, GMP252. For multiparameter probes, such as HMP7, the parameter list views at the bottom of the stack reserve up to three views of the total, allowing for fewer new views to be added.