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You can set a one-time measurement limit alarm for any one parameter output by your probe. When the measured value exceeds or falls below the set limit, this triggers a visual and audible alarm. 1 Note that you can set the alarm for one parameter from one probe at a time.
  1. While in the measurement view, press  to open the shortcut menu.
  2. Select Set alarm > Parameter.
  3. All output parameters from the connected probe are shown in the list. If you have two probes connected, use the arrow buttons to switch between the lists showing the parameters from each probe. Press  to select a parameter and exit the list view.
  4. Set values for Activation and Limit of the alarm.
  5. Select Turn alarm on to activate the alarm.
  6. A notification is shown and sounded when the alarm is activated.
  7. Select OK to turn off the alarm.
To turn off an alarm that has not yet activated, select Set alarm in the shortcut menu and select Turn alarm off.
1 Turn sounds on in Indigo80 settings to activate the audible alarm.