Overview of calibration and adjustment with Indigo80 - INDIGO80

Indigo80 User Guide

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The Indigo80 handheld indicator provides two ways to calibrate and adjust measurements for probes: Guided calibration and Manual adjustment.

Figure 1. Indigo80 calibration methods for probes
  • Choose Guided calibration when you want the indicator to guide you through the calibration process step by step. At the end you can also adjust the measurement, if needed.
  • Choose Manual adjustment when you want to freely set the reference and measured values to adjust the measurement.

Calibrating a measurement with the indicator, including purge and adjustment, typically takes 1 ... 2 hours depending on the number of calibration points.

For detailed information on using Indigo80 for calibration and adjustment, see your Indigo80-compatible probe's user documentation at docs.vaisala.com.
If you have a transmitter connected to Indigo80, you can also use the indicator to test and adjust the input and output channels of the transmitter. For more information, see your transmitter's user documentation at docs.vaisala.com.