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Indigo80 User Guide

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  • Flexible operation with one or two Vaisala Indigo-compatible probes or transmitters
  • Numerical and graphical views of live measurement data
  • Intuitive user interface available in 10 languages
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Data can be logged and transferred to PC via Vaisala Insight PC software (available for download at
Figure 1. Indigo80 handheld indicator
Table 1. Vaisala devices compatible with Indigo80
Device Measurement type
Vaisala Indigo-compatible devices
HMP1, HMP3, HMP4, HMP5, HMP7, HMP8, HMP9, HMP80L, HMP80N Humidity and temperature
TMP1 Temperature
DMP5, DMP6, DMP7, DMP8, DMP80A, DMP80B Dew point temperature
GMP251, GMP252 Carbon dioxide
HPP271, HPP272 Hydrogen peroxide
MMP8 Moisture in oil
Indigo300, Indigo510, Indigo520 (Host devices)
Other Vaisala devices
HMP60, HMP63, HMP110, HMP110REF, HMP113, HMP115, HMM170 1 Humidity and temperature
HMP110T, HMP115T, TMP115 1 Temperature
DMT143, DMT143L Dew point temperature
1 Indigo80 compatibility with these devices to be added during 2023.