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BL-View for CL61 User Guide

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You can schedule snapshots to be taken at specific intervals. The plots are saved as image files (PNG).
  1. In BL-View, select the ceilometer.
  2. If you want to schedule the snapshots for a custom plot, open a custom live plot.
  3. Select Tools > Snapshot > Scheduled.
  4. In Scheduled Snapshot, set the following:
    Scheduled snapshot
    Select On.
    Snapshot time

    Select the time for the first snapshot of the day.

    The setting is applied at the start of every 24‑hour period.

    Snapshot interval

    Select how often to take snapshots.

    The available values are: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12, and 24.

    For example, if you set the snapshot time to 9.15 and snapshot frequency to 6, the first image is taken at 9.15, the next ones 15.15, 21.15, and 03.15, and then again at 9.15 the next day.

    File path

    Select the directory where to save the snapshots.

    In the directory that you specify, a folder named Snapshot is created, in which each device has a separate folder for the files.

    The Snapshot directory is used for the scheduled snapshots of all devices and live plots.

    The default directory is C:\BLViewData where also netCDF files are saved.

    Changing the file path here does not affect the storage location of the netCDF files.

  5. Select Save

    The saved image displays the device name, date, and information about the used algorithm at the top of the image.

    If you have zoomed in the density plot, the image contains the enlarged view.