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BL-View for CL61 User Guide

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In BL‑View, information is illustrated on the screen as density plots. You can create plots to view and analyze live and archive data. Each new plot opens as a new tab.

The panel on the right displays the following information:

  • Data lets you select between mixing layer height data (MLH data) and Profile data.
  • Cloud shows the cloud base layers.
  • Legend shows the boundary layer and cloud base markers.
  • Intensity shows the intensity scale for the displayed information.
  • Navigator shows which section of the plot is currently displayed. Use the mouse to zoom in and Fit view in Navigator to zoom out.
  • Information shows the device name and the update status of the selected plot.

The following markers are used in the graphs:

  • Dark red/yellow/green rectangles: Boundary layer heights. The colors indicate the quality of the data with green being valid and red suspicious.
  • Black line: 1-hour average mixing layer height.
  • Gray rectangles: Additional boundary layer heights (elevated layers).
  • Blue dots: Cloud base heights.
Figure 1. CL61 mixing layer height (MLH) data in BL-View