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BL-View for CL61 User Guide

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To configure BL-View to receive data from CL61, add the ceilometer to BL-View and define the settings.

  1. Make sure that the file server for CL61 measurement data is receiving data from the ceilometer and is connected to the BL-View computer.
  2. Select Start > Vaisala > BL-View > BL-View.
  3. In BL-View, select System > Settings > Devices.
  4. Select Add.
  5. For Device type select CL61 and set the following:
    Device name
    Type a descriptive name for the ceilometer, for example CL61 Helsinki.
    WMO station number (optional)
    Type the station number that consists of the WMO block number (2 digits) and the station number (3 digits).
    File suffix
    Leave empty. (This setting is available later.)
    File path
    To define where to store the netCDF files, select Browse. The default location is C:\BLViewData. A folder is created in this directory for the specified device name.
    NetCDF folder
    Browse to the folder where you have the original CL61 netCDF data.
    Local port
    Type any unique number value in the internal port. The port number cannot be the same as is already used in any other device connected to BL-View.
  6. Select Save > Close.