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BL-View for CL61 User Guide

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BL‑View stores netCDF files on your local hard drive and creates a daily folder structure for the files. Configuration allows you to assign a directory for netCDF storage. For more information, see CL61 User Guide (M212475EN).

BL‑View offers views of CL61 data, for example, mixing layer height, data, attenuated backscatter data, polarization data (x-pol and p-pol), and depolarization ratio. You can zoom in for details and view specific conditions by selecting different views from the onscreen data.

  1. To open BL-View, select Start > ( > All Programs > ) > Vaisala > BL-View > BL-View.

    BL-View opens and shows live real-time data.

  2. Select whether the data in BL-View is shown in meters or feet.

    In BL-View, select System > Settings > Display.

    Select the units to use.

  3. Select Save > Close.

The unit setting is applied to the display data in BL-View. The selection does not affect the data in the netCDF files which is always in meters.

Language of BL-View release 3.x is English only.