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BL-View for CL61 User Guide

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If you want to view an archive plot with a different preset (algorithm settings), create a preset and define the depolarization limit.

  1. Select System > Settings > Presets.
  2. Select Create new.
  3. The Device type is set to CL61.
  4. Define the Depolarization limit.

    The default is 0.70.

    While the LDR range is 0–1, the upper limit may remain clearly below 1 in typical atmospheric conditions. Depolarization limit allows the adjustment of the LDR color scheme to match the prevailing conditions so that the full color range is in use. If the LDR profile colors rarely reach the high end, or often remain at maximum, use Depolarization limit to adjust the color range to match the conditions of your particular device.

  5. Select Save > Close.

After you have defined a new preset, open an archive plot and select the preset for it.