Search tips and tricks

Using the Vaisala Product Documentation Portal

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Maximize search results

  • Use * as a wild card to maximize search results.

    For example, searching for HM* searches for all possible endings to that root, such as HMT, HMP, and HM series of products.

  • OR searches find one term or the other.

    For example, searching humidity OR sparepart OR HMT120 returns all items that contain any of the three search terms.

Limit results

  • Filters on the landing and result pages return results tagged with filter metadata.
  • AND searches for results that contain all the search terms.

    For example, searching humidity AND sparepart AND HMT120 returns only results that contain all three search terms.

  • NOT eliminates items that contain the specified term.

    For example, searching on humidity NOT HMT120 returns items that are about humidity, but does NOT return items that contain the word HMT120.