Searching and filtering

Using the Vaisala Product Documentation Portal

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The Vaisala product portal at runs on a powerful search. To discover content, most users need only use the language selector, search bar and optional filters on the home page.

The filters on the search results page provide further options for narrowing down your results.

The advanced filters are particularly useful when saving your search for future use.

When new content is added to the portal with the same metadata profile, the new content automatically appears in the saved search.

  1. On the home page:
    1. Select the content language.
      To search for content in all available languages, scroll down to the bottom of the language selector to All languages.
    2. Type your search terms or run an empty query by selecting .
  2. On the left of the search results page, refine your search with the search filters, for example:
    1. If you only want to search for whole books, select Show full documents only.
    2. If you know the product(s) you are searching for, type the product code in the Product filter.
  3. Alternatively, type keywords in the search bar and select .
  4. To return to the same search results later, under the search bar on the top of the results page, select Save.
  5. To share the search, under the search bar on the top of the results page, select Copy link.