Creating and working with personal books

Using the Vaisala Product Documentation Portal

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  1. To go to an existing personal book or get started with creating a new one, select My Library > Personal books.
  2. To share or download your personal book:
    1. Open the book and select the menu icon in the upper right corner.
    2. Slide the Share option.
    3. Share the link, add the book to a collection, or download the PDF.
    CAUTION Topics in a shared personal book can be accessed by anyone, except if an author has configured access rights.
  3. To create a new book, select Create.

    Name your book and select OK.

    You are now ready to start adding content to your book.

  4. To add content to a personal book:
    1. Search and browse to relevant content.
    2. Select the menu icon next to a topic title and select Add to personal book.
    3. Select which book you want to add the content to.
    4. Select one or more topics to include in the book and select Save.