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Vaisala GroundCast Setup and Removal Guide

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Vaisala GroundCast is an embedded sensor that measures the road temperature, chemical amount, and surface state (dry or not dry). The road temperature is measured at 0 mm (0 in), as well as at 60 mm (2.4 in) and 300 mm (11.8 in) below the road surface.

GroundCast is installed below the road surface. Once installed, the sensor adjusts itself with the road surface and no maintenance is required.


Installation site requirements

Check that the installation location is within the NB‑IoT network coverage area of the network operator.

The road surface type must be asphalt or concrete. Do not install the device on gravel roads.

Do not install GroundCast on bridges.

To make sure that the sealant dries properly, the air temperature must be above 0 °C (+32 °F).

Do not install the device in heavy rain. The sealant may react with water in the hole (hole should be dry).

Check detailed instructions from the sealant manufacturer.

WARNING Make sure that you follow the laws and local regulations related to excavations near underground facilities and utilities prior to drilling the hole for the device.

Check out installation video and other support material

From GroundCast support you can find instructional videos, documentation, and other support material: