1. Removing device - GroundCast

Vaisala GroundCast Setup and Removal Guide

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1. Drill a hole to the top of the device with a 6-mm drill bit.

The correct drilling depth is 20 ... 30 mm (0.8 ... 1.1 in).

Do not exceed the drilling depth of 40 mm (1.5 in).

2. Detach the eye screw from the removal tool.

3. Attach the eye screw to the hole in the device.


4. Attach the eye screw back to the removal tool.

Use a wrench to turn the removal tool. This slowly pulls the device from the ground.

5. When the device is high enough, lift and remove it.

Fill the hole with gravel or sand, and seal with sealant.

6. The device contains Li-SOCl2 batteries. Recycle the device according to local hazardous waste regulations in one piece.

Do not attempt to remove the battery from the device.