4. Installing device - GroundCast

Vaisala GroundCast Setup and Removal Guide

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Installation of 1 device requires 1 - 2 sealant packs (1 pack has 450 ml).

1. Clean the device holder of possible sealant residue from previous installations.

Place the device in the holder and remove the foam cap.

2. Prepare the sealant. Apply a little bit of sealant to the hole to make sure that the sealant runs smoothly and is well mixed.

Note that in temperatures above +5 °C (+41 °F) the sealant dries in 5 minutes.

3. Apply sealant to the top of the SIM card cover, filling the black slot.

Leave the clear part visible.


4. Apply the rest of the sealant to the hole. 5. Insert the foam cap and seal with the tape.

6. Place the device in the hole, foam cap down. The device holder must touch the road surface. Let the excess sealant flow over.

If the sealant does not flow over, remove the device and add more sealant to the hole.

Press the device down firmly for 5 minutes until the sealant is dry.