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Guidelines for large VaiNet systems Technical Note

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A standard VaiNet system includes up to 8 access points (such as AP10) and up to 256 wireless data loggers on a single site. These systems are very convenient and can be deployed with minimal planning as every access point can be freely positioned. The resulting system is extremely reliable and performs well in almost any environment, including sites that are challenging for wireless connections.

Systems with more than 8 access points are large systems where access points must take advantage of channel sharing. Channel sharing simply means operating two or more access points on the same channel. Even though this increases the possibility of connectivity problems, field testing and laboratory measurements show that VaiNet wireless connections tolerate channel sharing very well. Systems with up to 32 access points and up to 1024 data loggers can be deployed on a single site as long as the guidelines for large systems are followed.

Deployment of large systems should always be planned in detail. To ensure trouble-free operation, the operation of large systems should also be monitored after installation, so that any connectivity issues can be detected and corrected.