Suggestions for large system deployment - RFL100 - AP10E - AP10J - AP10T - AP10A

Guidelines for large VaiNet systems Technical Note

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Technical note
  1. Plan ahead the locations and channel assignments of access points in your system. There are typically many alternatives for locating the access points, and considerations for channel sharing should be included in initial planning.
    It is important to plan the system with some spare access point capacity. The data loggers should have access to failover capacity in case any access points become unavailable. Spare capacity will also help to prevent problems that could be caused by access points in central locations filling up, possibly leaving the remaining capacity in the system unreachable by some data loggers.
  2. Start the deployment of the wireless system by setting up all access points first. Turn on the installation mode on the access points (AP10 access points only).
  3. Install all wireless data loggers. They will connect to the access point that gives them the strongest connection and has spare capacity left.
  4. After the system has been deployed, use the interface of your monitoring system (viewLinc Enterprise Server or Jade Smart Cloud) and verify that:
    • All data loggers have been successfully connected
    • All data loggers stay connected without breaks in connectivity
  5. If any data loggers have persistent connection issues:
    • Relocate an access point so that it provides a stronger connection to data loggers that have trouble staying connected. If the data loggers are already close to an access point that should provide a good connection, move any channel sharing access points further away from it.
    • If the connection issues are due to lack of access point connection capacity, you may need to expand the system with a new access point in the area.

Expanding an existing system

When expanding an existing system, remember to consider placing requirements for all channel sharing access points. You may have to relocate previously installed access points, or change their channel assignments so that the entire system conforms to the placement rules for large systems.

You can easily change the channel of an access point directly from the interface of the monitoring system. Data loggers reconnect automatically when access point channels are changed.