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AQT530 Configuration Guide

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This document provides instructions for configuring Vaisala Air Quality Transmitter AQT530.

Table 1. Document versions (English)
Document code Date Description
M212572EN-D December 2021

For device SW version 3.3:

  • Modbus version 1.3
  • CLI version 1.3

Changes to Modbus:

  • Changed the representation of the hexadecimal numbers from specific format 0xFFFF to generic format FFFFh
  • Added time units to calibration registers 0013h - 0015h
  • Added time units to system time registers 0057h - 005Ch
  • Added new LPC update interval register 007Fh
  • Added unit resolution (%, per cent) for register values 0086h - 008Bh
  • Added unit resolution (‰, per mille) for register values 0092h, 0093h and 0096h
  • Added new 32-bit device uptime register 0098h + 0099h
M212572EN-C September 2021
  • Modbus register address type updated for 0x0066 - 0x006B
  • Default parity for rs485_parity updated
M212572EN-B April 2021

For device SW version 3.1:

  • Modbus version 1.2
  • CLI version 1.2

Main changes:

  • Added support for PM1 observations (CLI, Modbus, ASCII CSV)
  • Added support for measurement values without linear correction (CLI and Modbus)
  • Added humidity invalidation flags for each PM value (Modbus)
  • Added device status monitoring (CLI and Modbus)
  • Updated default Modbus serial port settings
  • Updated and added some examples

Changes to CLI:

  • Added commands status and meas --nolc
  • Added PM1 to lpc --meas output
  • Added parameters pm1_zero and pm1_span

Changes to Modbus:

  • Added device status registers 0x004B - 0x004C
  • Added measurement data registers 0x006C - 0x0075
  • Added humidity invalidation flag registers 0x007C - 0x007E for PM1, PM2.5, and PM10
  • Updated LPC humidity invalidation flag register 0x007B
  • Added span and zero registers 0x0096 - 0x0097 for PM1