Overview of CLI commands and parameters - AQT530

AQT530 Configuration Guide

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AQT530 CLI commands include the following:

  • AQT530 identification commands: motd, uname
  • System control command: reboot
  • Configuration commands: date, initconf, set, show, write
  • Measurement output command: meas
  • LPC identification command: lpc
  • Device status command: status

The AQT530 parameters include a set of read-only and read/write parameters.

Read/write parameters:

  • Modbus interface configuration parameters Table 1
  • Temperature unit parameter Table 2
  • Linear correction parameters for gases Table 3
  • Linear correction parameters for particles Table 4

Read-only parameters:

  • Device identification parameters Table 5
  • Base module identification parameters Table 6
  • Base module monitoring parameters Table 7
  • Gas measurement configuration and diagnostics parameters Table 8
  • LPC parameters Table 9
  • Temperature and humidity probe (TH) probe parameters Table 10