Mounting HMP9 probe head with Duct Installation Kit - ASM214055 - HMP9 - HMPX

HMP9 Duct Installation Kit Installation Guide

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  1. Loosen the sealing gland on the back of the pipe by turning it 1.5 full rotations. Do not detach the gland to avoid dislocating the sealing ring.
  2. Push the probe head of HMP9 firmly through the sealing gland. Push the probe head further using its cable until it appears from the end of the tube. Adjust so that half of the metal probe head is visible, and tighten the sealing gland by hand so that it holds the probe cable in place.
  3. Insert the mounting flange on the pipe. Make sure the black sealing surface faces the probe head.
  4. Make a Ø 14 mm (0.55 in) hole in the duct or chamber wall.
  5. Push the probe head and pipe into the duct or chamber, and attach the flange using the 2 screws. If necessary, use a drill to make starter holes for the screws (max . Ø 2 mm (0.07 in)).
  6. Adjust the mounting depth of the probe so that the probe is in the middle of the duct, and tighten the holding screw on the flange to lock the pipe in place.