Updating MD30 software over cable connection - MD30

Vaisala Mobile Detector MD30 Quick Guide

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  • Laptop with Windows 10 operating system
  • Serial-to-USB cable for laptop connection (240884)

During the software update, MD30 must be connected to a power supply.

  1. Download and extract the ZIP package on your laptop.
  2. Remove the 8-m (26-ft) extension cable from your data collection system.
  3. Connect the extension cable wires to the screw terminal of the serial-to-USB cable as follows (pins 1, 2, and 4).
  4. Connect the USB cable to your laptop.
  5. When prompted, define the port to which MD30 is connected.

    To check the port, select Start > Device Manager > Ports (COM & LPT)

  6. On your laptop, select Start > Command Prompt.
  7. Go to the folder where you extracted the ZIP package and double-click UpdateClient.exe.
  8. When prompted for the port, type the port to which the sensor is connected. For example:
    Serial port name [COM0]: COM3

    Command Prompt lists the files that are in the directory.

  9. Select the firmware file using the number indicated in the beginning of the row. For example:
    Potential images in working directory:
    [1]             1.1.0  MD30_Customer_release_1.1.0.fw
    Select a number or '0' for other files:
    > 1

    The update takes a couple of minutes, depending on the port speed.

  10. When this message is displayed, press ENTER. The software update is done.
    Running OK
    Current SW version: [version]
    Press ENTER to exit
  11. Disconnect the wires from the screw terminal, and connect the 8-m (26-ft) extension cable back to your data collection system.

    For instructions, see Vaisala Mobile Detector MD30 Setup Guide.