Hardware and software update for WID511, WID512, and WID513 - WID513 - WID511 - WID512

WID511, WID512, and WID513 New Hardware and Software 2.0 Release Notes

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Release notes

Hardware updates

The hardware for WID51x products has changed. The new hardware has one more serial port. The following serial ports with enhanced functionality are now available:

  • 2 × RS‑232/RS‑485/RS‑422
  • 1 × RS‑232

You can identify the new hardware version from the text WID312BASE at the bottom of the device.

Software updates

The software has also been updated to support the new hardware. Version 2.0 software has the following updates:

  • In WID512, the data display has been changed to be similar to the old DD50. When a page has less than 3 rows of data, the empty rows are now empty and do not show slashes as they previously did.
  • In WID511 and WID513, the resolution of wind data can be selected to be an integer or decimal value.
  • It is now possible to restore the display functionality after a failed software downgrade or upgrade, or a failed configuration update.
  • User interface enhancements have been made to all models.
  • The operating system has been updated to the latest embedded Linux OS version.

No upgrade possibility for old hardware or software

Software release 2.0 and the related configuration file are only compatible with WID312BASE hardware. Upgrading existing displays to software release 2.0 is not possible.

Software versions 1.x only work with earlier hardware versions (WID311BASE and WID310BASE).