Mounting MD30 with MD30REARKIT - MD30

Mounting MD30 on trailer hitch Installation Guide

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  • MD30REARKIT mounting kit
  • 13-mm wrench
Screws and washers
Power cable
  1. To fix rear kit in place, close the latch and lock in place.

    Adjust the locking tightness by rotating the latch.

  2. Secure with screws and washers.
  3. Lead the open-ended power cable from the Bluetooth module enclosure to the electric system of your vehicle.

    The power cable contains the plus (+) and minus (−) wires. Connect them to your system. If you use an adapter, follow the instructions supplied with the adapter.

  4. If there are loose cables, attach them with cable ties to the vehicle structure.
For additional protection against theft, you can use a padlock to secure the assembly to the vehicle.
If you need to secure the assembly to the vehicle with a wire rope, use the holes that are on the side of the mounting frame.

Continue the system setup with Bluetooth pairing. See MD30 Setup Guide (M212169EN).

If you disconnect and store MD30 for the summer, make sure that there is a generous amount of electric joint compound in the MD30 connector when you reconnect it. If needed, apply more electric joint compound (12475SP) to the connector. When the connector is properly locked, wipe off any excess electric joint compound