Mounting MD30 on towing hook - MD30

Vaisala Mobile Detector MD30 Installation Guide

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To use MD30FRONTMOUNT, you need a towing hook installed on your vehicle as instructed in your car manufacturer's manual.

  • MD30FRONTMOUNT mounting adapter
  • 19-mm wrench
  • 2.5-mm and 3-mm Allen keys
  • Torx T15
Table 1. MD30FRONTMOUNT contents
Part Pcs Part Pcs
Mounting bracket 2 Rubber sheet 2
Torx socket head screw M4×12 8 Metal counterplate 1
Mounting block 1 Hex self-lock nut M12 1
Countersunk hex socket head screw M4×16 10 Fender washer A5,3 1
Hex head bolt screw M12×50 1 Hex socket head screw M5×16 1
Shaft 1 Hex socket set screw M6×12 2

Mount MD30 on the towing hook with MD30FRONTMOUNT. The measurement angle is automatically correct when the mounting bracket is positioned vertically.

Figure 1. Correct measurement angle

When using towing hook mounting, you can still use MD30EXTSET to mount the air temperature and humidity sensor HMP113 and surface temperature sensor MT10 elsewhere on the vehicle for optimum performance. In that case, install them last. See Mounting Temperature Sensors Separately Installation Guide.

  1. Remove the pre-installed mounting bracket (MD30BRACKET).
  2. Loosen the 8 screws (M4×10) that hold the temperature sensors HMP113 and MT10 in place and remove the sensors.

    Their cables can remain connected during the assembly.

  3. Assemble as shown using the provided brackets and M4×12 screws. Check carefully which way to mount the brackets.
    Mounting bracket (2 pcs)
    Torx socket head screw M4×12 (8 pcs)
  4. Attach the mounting block between the brackets.

    Make sure that the 2 holes in the mounting block remain accessible.

    Mounting block
    Countersunk hex socket head screw M4×16 (10 pcs)
  5. Attach the shaft to the vehicle towing hook.

    Use the provided rubber sheets to make the assembly tight. Use scissors or a knife to cut the rubber sheets to match the shape of your towing hook.

    The towing hook does not need to be positioned horizontally.

    Hex head bolt screw M12×50
    Rubber sheet (2 pcs)
    Vehicle towing hook (not supplied by Vaisala)
    Metal counterplate
    Hex self-lock nut M12
  6. Attach MD30 on the shaft. Secure the shaft.
    Fender washer A5,3
    Hex socket head screw M5×16
    Hex socket set screw M6×12 (2 pcs)
  7. Route the MD30 cable to the Bluetooth module enclosure or other data collection system.

    For cabling instructions, see Vaisala Mobile Detector MD30 Setup Guide.

    If there are loose cables, attach them with cable ties to the vehicle structure.

  8. Continue the system setup according to Vaisala Mobile Detector MD30 Setup Guide.