Connecting to Insight software - MGP261 - MGP262 - SWINSIGHT10

MGP260 User Guide

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When connecting several devices at the same time, note that your computer may not be able to supply enough power through its USB ports. Use an externally powered USB hub that can supply >2 W for each port.

Figure 1. Connecting probe to Insight.
  • Computer with Vaisala Insight software installed
  • USB connection cable (no. 257295)
  • Small flat head screwdriver for opening the screw terminal block screws
CAUTION The Insight PC software connection cable must be used only outside the explosion hazardous area. Remove the probe from the process for configuration, and use only the Vaisala accessory PC connection cable 257295 to connect the probe to Insight.
  1. Open the Insight software on your PC.
  2. Connect the USB cable to a free USB port on the PC.
  3. Open the MGP260 connection box.
  4. Unscrew the 6-pin screw terminal block on the MGP260 component board and lift the block out.
  5. Plug the USB cable into the open port as shown in the illustration.
  6. Wait for Insight software to detect the probe.