Calibrating and adjusting methane (CH4) measurement - MGP261 - MGP262

MGP260 User Guide

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Prepare the calibration gases required to create the reference condition for the adjustment, and the setup for controlled calibration gas feed to the probe.

When making a 2-point adjustment, first carry out the zero signal adjustment in the Zero point adjustment tab. The zero signal adjustment replaces the low end adjustment in a 2-point adjustment.
  1. Reset any possible existing adjustments with the Restore factory adjustment button. This prevents earlier adjustments from having an effect on the current adjustment.
  2. Insert your device in the reference environment.
  3. Before starting the adjustment, make sure that your environmental compensation settings are correct for your present environment. You can review and change the settings for pressure and temperature compensation setpoints in the Compensation setpoints tab.
  4. Wait for the measurement (shown in the graph) to stabilize fully.
  5. When the measurement has stabilized, click the Reference value, point 1 text box and enter the known CH4 level of the calibration point. Press ENTER or click outside the text box when done.
  6. Check that the measured value for point 1 is automatically inserted.
  7. Check the difference between the reference and the measured value. Very large differences may be due to insufficient stabilization time or unsuitable calibration setup.
    1. If you want to apply the adjustment you have made, select Activate adjustment.
    2. To exit without taking the adjustment in use, select Close.
  8. After completing the adjustment, update the information in the Calibration information tab.