Attaching flow-through adapter to MGP260 - MGP261 - MGP262

MGP260 User Guide

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The MGP260 flow-through adapter 258877 is delivered assembled and is intended to be used with the probe installed in an upright position. For an overview of the flow-through adapter, see Installation option: flow-through adapter installation.

To attach the adapter to MGP260:
  1. Loosen the 2 screws on the clamp.
  2. Loosen the probe gland.
    CAUTION Only rotate the tightening nut of the probe gland. Never turn from the locknut of the probe gland (below the tightening nut). The threads of the locknut are glued onto the adapter with a sealant, and rotating the locknut will compromise the leak tightness of the adapter.
  3. Insert the probe head into the adapter through the clamp and probe gland. Push the probe into the adapter until the shoulder of the probe head meets the slot inside the adapter and stops. The probe filter should cover both the inlet and outlet ports from the inside. Check the installation depth measurement as shown in Figure 1.
  4. Tighten the probe gland.
  5. After tightening the probe gland, tighten the 2 screws on the clamp.
    WARNING A high process pressure can cause the probe to detach from the adapter if the clamp and gland have been left loose. Always fully tighten the clamp and probe gland.
  6. Attach the mounting plate to the mounting surface with screws or ties. For mounting plate dimensions, see Figure 2.
  7. Check that the probe sits closely in the clamps after mounting. The mounting kit and the flow-through adapter have been aligned so that the probe sits in the adapter in a straight angle. A gap between the probe body and clamp indicates that the mounting alignment is incorrect and must be adjusted.
    CAUTION Ensure the adapter mounting does not pull the probe out of a straight angle. If the mounting pulls the probe to the side, the leak tightness of the gland O-ring can be affected.
  8. Connect the gas inlet tube to the upper port of the adapter and the gas outlet tube to the lower port. Adapter port size: G 1/8.