Configuring analog outputs with Insight - MGP261 - MGP262 - SWINSIGHT10

MGP260 User Guide

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Figure 1. Analog output configuration options in Insight (MGP262 example)

You can configure the measurement parameter sent on each analog output, the scaling of the parameter, clipping and error limits, and the error output level. All 3 outputs have the same configuration options.

In addition to measurement parameter output, you can also configure an analog output to send the current value (mA) of the analog input channel.

  1. Connect to Insight (see Connecting to Insight software).
  2. Select > Configure device, and then one of the 3 analog outputs.
  3. Select the measurement parameter that is sent on the output channel you are configuring, set the scaling for the output, define clipping and error limits, and set the output level that indicates an error.
  4. Store the selections with Save and exit with Close.
  5. Repeat the configuration for each output (analog outputs 1, 2, and 3) as required.