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When necessary, environmental compensations can be applied to improve the measurement accuracy (for example, to provide the probe with a real-time pressure reading from the measurement environment by using input from an external sensor).

The probe can compensate for the effects of the following parameters:
  • Temperature (°C)
  • Pressure (hPa)
Environmental compensation parameters can be provided to the probe from the following sources:
  • The internal temperature sensor of the probe can be used for temperature compensation.
  • An external sensor can be connected to the probe (4–20 mA analog input, Ex ia) to provide temperature or pressure compensation values. Note the external pressure sensor requirements listed in Pressure compensation input options.
  • If the temperature and pressure values are known and remain constant, they can be entered as fixed setpoint values.
  • If the probe is integrated in a system that measures either temperature or pressure, they can be updated to the probe continuously.

The method used for environmental compensation is configured on the order form when ordering the probe, and can later be updated using Vaisala Insight PC software or Modbus protocol.