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MGP260 User Guide

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CAUTION The correct thread type in which to install MGP260 is 1.5" female NPT. Installing into any other thread type can damage the equipment and compromise the leak tightness of the connection. If unsure, verify the thread type with the NPT 1.5" thread test plug.
Note that when using a ball valve to install MGP260, it is necessary to use a 2" ball valve and a reducer in order to accommodate the probe head (diameter 1.57").
  1. Insert the probe into the 1.5" female NPT installation port and rotate it clockwise until it sits firmly in the port. Do not tighten the probe to full tightness, only enough to keep it securely in place when wiring.
    An external pressure measurement instrument is shown here as an example of pressure compensation input options: for a description of alternative options, see Pressure compensation input options.
    CAUTION Rotating the probe open (counter-clockwise) after it has been installed into the port can tear the PTFE tape. Only adjust the position of the probe in the installation port by tightening (rotating clockwise).
  2. Open the captive screws on the connection box flange with a 5 mm (3/16 in) Allen key. After loosening the captive screws, pull the connection box cover off to access the wiring terminals.
    If necessary, use a wrench to hold the probe in place by gripping the tightening nut.
  3. Pull the connection box cover open to access the wiring terminals.