Using MGP260 series probes in hazardous locations - MGP261 - MGP262

MGP260 User Guide

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WARNING MGP260 series probes have been designed for use in hazardous locations as specified by the product classification. The personnel installing, using, or maintaining MGP260 probes are responsible for determining the appropriate protection concept for the specific application the probe is used in, and that the hazardous area classification of the probe meets the requirements of the application.
WARNING If the equipment is used in a manner not specified by Vaisala, the protection provided by the equipment may be impaired.

MGP260 probes are certified for use in hazardous areas as defined by the following classifications:

Table 1. MGP260 series hazardous area classifications
Certification MGP260 classification

IECEx (international)


Ex II 1/2 (1) G Ex eb mb [ia] IIB T3 Ga/Gb -40 °C ≤ Tamb ≤ +60 °C

NEC 500: Class I, Division 2, Groups C & D; T3

NEC 505: Class I, Zone 0, AEx eb mb [ia] IIB T3 Ga/Gb

CSA 60079: Ex eb mb [ia] IIB T3 Ga/Gb

CML (Japan) Ex eb mb [ia] IIB T3 Ga/Gb
PCEC (China)

Ex eb mb [ia] IIB T3 Ga/Gb


KCs (Korea)

Ex II 1/2 (1) G Ex eb mb [ia] IIB T3 Ga/Gb -40 °C ≤ Tamb ≤ +60 °C

IECEx EESF 19.0006X


CAUTION The personnel installing, operating, and maintaining MGP260 probes must have the required competencies for working in the hazardous location, as defined by the applicable standards.

For information on the standards that apply to using MGP260 probes based on the classification of the device, see MGP260 certification documentation and the declarations of conformity related to MGP260 probes at