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Vaisala CARBOCAP® MGP260 Series Multigas Probes for Methane, Carbon Dioxide, and Humidity Measurement are compact and durable in-situ probes for methane (CH4), carbon dioxide (CO2), and humidity (H2O vapor) measurements in demanding biogas processing conditions. MGP260 series probes are Ex certified for use in Ex Zone 0 (parts inserted into process) and Ex Zone 1 (parts outside the process).

The MGP260 series includes two probe variants for different biogas process measurement applications. MGP261 is targeted at raw biogas measurement, whereas MGP262 is intended for offgas measurements in biogas upgrading facilities. All MGP260 series instruments are designed to be installed directly in the process gas pipeline, removing the need for sample treatment.

The application areas of the MGP261 variant include anaerobic digestion of industrial and municipal waste and sludge from waste water treatment, landfill gas monitoring, activated carbon filter monitoring in biogas treatment process, and CHP engine feed gas monitoring.

MGP262 probes are optimized for measuring methane concentrations below 5 vol-% and CO2 concentrations above 90 vol-% in the offgas stream, making them ideal for a wide range of upgrading technologies and processes.

The MGP260 series proprietary infrared technology provides superior stability and repeatability. Thanks to condensation elimination through probe heating and corrosion-resistant steel and plastic materials, the IP66-rated instruments are highly robust and durable.

MGP260 series measurement output options include 3 analog current output channels (4–20 mA) and Modbus RTU over RS-485. The probes also provide a 4–20 mA Ex ia powered input for connecting an external pressure or temperature sensor.

For easy-to-use access to configuration, diagnostics, and calibration and adjustment functionalities, MGP260 probes can be connected to Vaisala Insight PC software with a USB cable accessory.