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MGP260 User Guide

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Figure 1. MGP260 screw terminal markings and cable routes
CAUTION The Ex ia external sensor input wiring (1) must be kept separate from the analog output, power supply, and RS-485 wiring (2). Always use separate cables on each side of the metal barrier.
CAUTION Connect only de-energized wires. Never switch on the power supply input before completing the wiring and closing the connection box.
  1. Connect the input, output, and power supply wiring as required in your application. Figure 1 shows an example of wiring the device when all inputs and outputs are used.
    • 1: External pressure or temperature sensor input wiring (Ex ia): route the cable to the terminal through the M16x1.5 lead-through and through the strain relief cable clamp above the component board.
    • 2: Analog output, power supply input and RS-485 wiring: route the cables to the terminals through the M20x1.5 lead-throughs (1 or 2) and through the strain relief cable clamp below the component board.
    • After connecting the wiring, adjust cable length and fasten the cables with the strain relief clamps.
  2. See Finalizing installation for instructions on attaching grounding to the probe grounding terminal.