Gas safety during installation - MGP261 - MGP262

MGP260 User Guide

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WARNING While installing or uninstalling the device, there is a risk of flammable gas release or flame entrance.
WARNING Exposure to hazardous gases (for example, hydrogen sulfide (H2S)) is possible when installing or removing the probe from the process.
  • Always follow local safety guidelines. Ensure that the work area is safe and meets local regulations (for example, related to ventilation and personal protective equipment).
  • Use a personal gas detector to monitor the safety of the area you are working in.
  • After installation, use a gas detector to ensure that process connections are leak-free.
CAUTION To avoid compromising the leak tightness of the installation:
  • Ensure that the thread type of the installation port is 1.5" female NPT. If unsure, verify the thread type with the 1.5" NPT thread test plug.
  • Apply PTFE tape to the 1.5" male NPT thread of the probe as instructed in Preparing probe for installation, and make sure that the PTFE tape seal has not been damaged by rotating the probe open (counter-clockwise) in the installation port.