Using compensation received from external temperature or pressure sensor - MGP261 - MGP262

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If you have connected an external pressure or temperature sensor to the 4–20 mA Ex ia analog input channel of MGP260 (see Wiring), you can use the measurement received from the sensor as the environmental compensation.
You can receive the compensation value from an external sensor for only one parameter (temperature or pressure) at a time.
To use an external sensor for temperature or pressure compensation:
  1. Select > Configure Device.
  2. Open the Measurement menu.
  3. Select External from either the Pressure compensation mode or the Temperature compensation mode dropdown list, and then select Save.
  4. Open the Analog input 1 menu and configure the scaling of the external sensor input. See Configuring input from external analog pressure or temperature sensor.
    The external pressure instrument connected to MGP260 must output 4–20 mA and use absolute pressure units. The default range for the input is 1 … 1.6 bar(a). Note that the pressure unit used in Insight is hPa. The default input scale for the external pressure instrument is 0 … 1.6 bar(a), which corresponds to 0 … 1600 hPa.