Configuring environmental compensations with Insight - MGP261 - MGP262

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Using Insight, you can configure the following temperature and pressure compensation settings:

  • Temperature or pressure compensation mode (select the source where the compensation value is received from)
  • The setpoint values for temperature or pressure compensation
  • The scaling of the analog input channel (Analog input 1) that is used to receive temperature or pressure values from an external sensor.

Figure 1 describes the different environmental compensation selections in Insight.

Figure 1. Measurement menu view in Insight PC software
Compensation power-up defaults: configure the setpoint compensation values that are taken into use at device reset. Used when the temperature or pressure compensation mode is set as Setpoint.
Compensation setpoints: configure the temporary setpoint compensation values that are in use while the device is powered on, but revert back to power-up defaults when the device is reset. Used when the temperature or pressure compensation mode is set as Setpoint.
Measurement (shown in figure): configure the pressure and temperature compensation modes (available options: Setpoint, External, Measured (temperature only), and Off.
Analog input 1: configure the input from the external pressure or temperature sensor (used when the pressure or temperature compensation mode is set as External).
The external pressure instrument connected to MGP260 must output 4–20 mA and use absolute pressure units. The default range for the input is 1 … 1.6 bar(a). Note that the pressure unit used in Insight is hPa. The default input scale for the external pressure instrument is 0 … 1.6 bar(a), which corresponds to 0 … 1600 hPa.
  1. Connect to Insight (see Connecting to Insight software).
  2. Select > Configure Device.
  3. Select one of the compensation modes in the Measurement menu.
  4. See the separate instructions for configuring the compensations in each compensation mode: