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MGP260 User Guide

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WARNING When installed in situ, the surface of the probe is in direct contact with the biogas process. Bacteria, viruses, or fungi can be carried from the process on the probe surface.
  • Always wear appropriate personal protective equipment when handling items that have been in contact with the biogas process. Follow local regulations and site-specific guidelines.
  • Ensure the area where you place the probe after removing it from the process is suitable for working with items that have been in contact with the biogas process.
WARNING While installing or uninstalling the device, there is a risk of flammable gas release or flame entrance.
WARNING Exposure to hazardous gases (for example, hydrogen sulfide (H2S)) is possible when installing or removing MGP260 from the process.
  • Always follow local safety guidelines. Ensure that the work area is safe and meets local regulations (for example, related to ventilation and personal protective equipment).
  • Use a personal gas detector to monitor the safety of the area you are working in.
  • After installing or removing the probe, use a gas detector to ensure that process connections are leak-free.
  1. Prepare an area where you can place the probe after removing it from the process.
    1. Clear other items and equipment away from the area.
    2. Cover surfaces around the area with protective material as necessary.
  2. Switch off the probe power supply input.
  3. If necessary, open the connection box and remove the wiring cables. See Inserting probe into process and opening connection box.
    1. Hold the probe in place by gripping the tightening nut with a wrench. Then open the connection box by turning the cover counter-clockwise with the connection box key.
    2. Loosen the cable glands and pull the connection box open.
    3. Open the screw terminals inside the connection box with a small screwdriver and remove the wiring cables.
    4. Close the connection box.
  4. Rotate the tightening nut of the probe counter-clockwise with a wrench to release the probe. See Inserting probe into process and opening connection box.
    CAUTION The PTFE tape seal on the probe threads will tear when you rotate the probe open, and must be replaced when reinstalling the probe.
  5. Pull the probe out of the process connection and place it on the area you prepared for handling the probe. Hold the probe from the connection box when handling it, and avoid touching the parts that have been inserted into the process.
    Use a cloth or similar to prevent dripping when pulling out the probe.
  6. Ball valve installations only: remove the safety pin that locks the handle of the ball valve in the open position and close the ball valve.
  7. Clean the probe as instructed in Cleaning the probe and move the probe to a clean area for further handling.
  8. When reinstalling the probe, repeat the installation steps starting from Preparing probe for installation.