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Warning Removing the probe from the process can expose you to biological and chemical hazards due to the nature of the biogas process environment. Review the warnings and instructions listed in Removing probe from process.
  • Moist cloth for wiping the probe
  • Running water
  • Standard cleaning agents can be used in cleaning
  1. Prepare an area for cleaning the probe.
  2. To remove the probe from process, follow the instructions in Removing probe from process.
  3. Clean the probe with running water and a cloth. Standard cleaning agents can be used.

    Do not clean the probe with a pressure washer.


    Do not immerse the probe in liquid to clean it.

  4. To install the probe back into the process after cleaning, follow the installation instructions starting from Preparing probe for installation.
  5. If you are sending the probe to Vaisala for maintenance, allow it to dry fully before packing it. See the instructions in Sending probe to Vaisala.