Sending probe to Vaisala - MGP262 - MGP261

MGP260 User Guide

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If you need to return the probe for maintenance or replacement, contact Vaisala technical support.
CAUTION Do not ship the probe to Vaisala without contacting technical support. Technical support will provide you with return authorization and up-to-date shipping instructions.
  1. Read the warranty information.
  2. Contact Vaisala technical support and request a Return Material Authorization (RMA) and shipping instructions.
    For information on product warranties, technical support, and repair services, see

    Always request the RMA before returning any material to Vaisala.

  3. Follow the return instructions received from Vaisala technical support. When packing the probe for shipping, ensure that you use sufficient padding, the probe has dried completely after cleaning, and that the probe is tightly sealed in a plastic bag.