Configuring setpoint values for compensations with Insight - SWINSIGHT10 - MGP262 - MGP261

MGP260 User Guide

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To configure a fixed setpoint value for pressure or temperature compensation in Insight:
  1. Select > Configure Device.
  2. Open the Measurement menu, set the compensation mode of the compensation parameter (temperature, pressure, or both) as Setpoint from the mode selection dropdown list, and select Save when done.
  3. Open the Compensation setpoints menu, enter the setpoint value in the text field, and select Save when done.
    Note that the setpoint value you enter in the Compensation setpoints is temporary and resets back to the power-up default at device reset.
  4. Optional: If you want to keep the setpoint value in use also after device reset, enter the same value in the Compensation power-up defaults menu and store the setting by selecting Save.