Gas safety during installation - MGP262 - MGP261

MGP260 Series Installation and Safety Guide

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Warning While installing or uninstalling the device, there is a risk of flammable gas release or flame entrance.
Warning Exposure to hazardous gases (for example, hydrogen sulfide (H2S)) is possible when installing or removing the probe from the process.
  • Always follow local safety guidelines. Ensure that the work area is safe and meets local regulations (for example, related to ventilation and personal protective equipment).
  • Use a personal gas detector to monitor the safety of the area you are working in.
  • After installation, use a gas detector to ensure that process connections are leak-free.
CAUTION To avoid compromising the leak tightness of the installation:
  • Ensure that the thread type of the installation port is 1.5" female NPT. If unsure, verify the thread type with the 1.5" NPT thread test plug.
  • Apply PTFE tape to the 1.5" male NPT thread of the probe as instructed in Installing into process , and make sure that the PTFE tape seal has not been damaged by rotating the probe open (counter-clockwise) in the installation port.