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MGP260 Series Installation and Safety Guide

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Items A … J refer to the probe parts illustration in the beginning of the document.
Table 1. Probe Parts
Item Description
A Grounding terminal: use a ≥ 4 mm2 wire to connect to the grounding rail.
B Breather plug and lead-throughs for wiring: install cable glands to lead-throughs as required (see B2, B3, and B4) and seal unused lead-throughs.
Cable glands are not provided by Vaisala. When selecting cable glands for your application, note the requirements in Guidelines for safe use in hazardous conditions.
B1 Breather plug: do not adjust.
B2 M16x1.5 wiring lead-through (1): used when wiring the external Ex ia pressure or temperature sensor input terminal.
B3 M20x1.5 wiring lead-through with removable plastic transport cover (fold sides of transport cover together and pull out). Wiring option for analog output, power supply input, and RS-485 terminals, or customer-specific additional wiring.
B4 M20x1.5 wiring lead-through for analog output, power supply input, and RS-485 terminals.
C Tightening flange of the connection box with captive Allen screws. Loosen the captive screws with a 5 mm (3/16 in) Allen key and open the connection box to access wiring terminals.
D Tightening nut: only tighten from the tightening nut when installing (wrench size: 50 mm (1.97 in)).
E 1.5" male NPT thread: never install the probe to any other thread type than 1.5" female NPT thread.
F Probe filter (user-replaceable).
G Wiring terminals for 4 … 20 mA input from external pressure or temperature sensor (Ex ia).
H Barrier separating the intrinsically safe (Ex ia) external sensor input terminals from the analog output, power supply input, and RS-485 terminals.
I Wiring terminals for 4 … 20 mA analog outputs, 18 … 30 VDC power supply input, and RS-485 communication.
J Measurement cuvette with optics and CARBOCAP® sensor inside the probe filter.