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This document provides a description of Vaisala Lidar Ceilometer CL61 and instructions for configuring and maintaining CL61.

Table 1. Document versions (English)
Document code Date Description
M212475EN-D February 2022

For release 1.1

  • Command list updated with new commands configure sender and elog
  • NetCDF message format updated
  • Sky condition reporting added
  • Status information updated
  • Tilt angle reporting added
  • Window condition monitoring added

Other changes:

  • Document name changed from Vaisala Lidar Ceilometer CL61 Configuration and Maintenance Guide to Vaisala Lidar Ceilometer CL61 User Guide
  • Maintenance checklist added
  • SW update instruction using CLI removed
M212475EN-C October 2021

This document combines previously published documents Vaisala Lidar Ceilometer CL61 Technical Description (M212473EN) and Vaisala Lidar Ceilometer CL61 User Guide (M212475EN).

In addition, the following changes have been made:

  • Safety information updated
M212475EN-B March 2021 First version for production.