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In general form, the instantaneous return signal power can be derived from the lidar equation:

Pr ( z ) = E 0 × c 2 × A z 2 × β ( z ) × e 2 0 z σ ( z ) d z
Table 1. Signal power formula
Variable Description
Pr(z) Instantaneous power received from distance z
EO Effective pulse energy (taking all optics attenuation into account) [Ws]
c Speed of light [m/s]
A Receiver aperture [m2]
z Distance [m]
ß(z) Volume backscatter coefficient at distance z [m-1srad-1, srad = steradian]
e 2 0 z σ ( z ) d z
Two-way atmospheric transmittance, accounts for the attenuation of transmitted and backscattered power. The transmittance equals 1 in clear atmosphere, that is, with no attenuation.