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Table 1. Vaisala Lidar Ceilometer CL61 main parts
Code Common name
CLO611 Optics unit
CLW611 Window
CLT611 Transmitter module
CLR611 Receiver module
CLC611 Device control module
CLP611 Polarization unit
CLS611 Servo drive module
CLL611 Laser power monitor
CLO611CB Environmental sensor
CLH611 Internal heater module
One of the following:
  • CLB611-230
  • CLB611-115
One of the following:
  • Window blower module 230 V
  • Window blower module 120 V
One of the following:
  • CBL210996
  • CBL211048
One of the following:
  • AC power cable 230 V AC 5 m
  • AC power cable 120 V AC 5 m
CBL210983‑11M Data cable 10 m
CBL210983-2M Maintenance cable 2 m
CBL210915 Receiver coaxial cable
Table 2. Vaisala Lidar Ceilometer CL61 optional parts
Code Common name
ASM214227 Bird deterrent kit
CL61TERMHOOD Optical termination hood
CL61SHOCKABSORBER Shock absorber
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