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Troubleshoot the ceilometer using the status command.

The get command shows all parameters and values.

The following steps provide instructions on general troubleshooting.

  1. Clean the window carefully with a soft, lint-free cloth moistened with a mild detergent.

    Make sure that you do not scratch the window surface.

  2. Connect the maintenance terminal to the maintenance port at the bottom of the ceilometer and turn on both the ceilometer and the maintenance terminal.
  3. Make sure that the ceilometer starts operating properly (DC power light is green).

    The command prompt opens automatically.

  4. Type the status command and press ENTER.
  5. Do one of the following:
    • If there are clouds, compare the ceilometer measurement with a qualified weather observer's height approximation.
    • If there are no clouds and the site is suitable, perform a hard target test: turn the measurement unit 90 degrees and aim it on a fixed target such as a wall or a forest front.

      The minimum distance to a hard target must be 300 meters (1000 ft). The backscatter signal from a hard target is very strong compared to the signal from a cloud. The receiver may saturate if the distance is too short.